The Trinity

Who wants to know about the Trinity? In many churches it seems to be almost forgotten, or consigned to some dark recess of consciousness. In nearly 40 years of church attendance (in several different denominations), I’ve never heard a sermon devoted to the Trinity, and could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times it’s even been mentioned. Ask another Christian about it, and you will probably be told that “it’s a great mystery and nobody (including me) really understands it.” Which may be honest, but isn’t helpful – especially when we’re all supposed to believe in it!

Unfortunately, into this vacuum comes a stream of misinformation from various cults, Muslims, and anti-Christian propagandists, claiming that the Trinity is a pagan doctrine forced into the early church by the emperor Constantine. And since the average church member doesn’t know any better, they tend to win the argument by default.

So I’ve decided to write about the Trinity. This may be a case of a fool rushing in where angels fear to tread, but at the very least I hope to redress the balance a little. I haven’t been taught any of it; I’ve had to find it out for myself. And it’s been both enlightening and reassuring.

I’m not claiming that I understand it completely. Contemplating the nature of God is like looking out over a vast ocean… none of us can possibly see right across to the far side and take it all in. You may be content just to admire the view; but if you would like to paddle in the shallows, come and join me. The water’s lovely…

The Trinity

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