Who is Yahweh? A God who works with us

When Moses went to Pharaoh with God’s demand for the release of the Israelites, Pharaoh asked (not unreasonably), “Who is Yahweh?” And Moses might have said, “Well, it’s a long story…”

Part 14 (Exodus 3 & 4)

God is not going to deliver the Israelites entirely on His own, without human assistance (Exodus 3:10). He will act through Moses, who thus becomes His representative. God will supply the power; but it will be channelled through the words and deeds of a very ordinary human being.

This sets the pattern for all God’s dealings with the human race. He is not going to rescue Israel from slavery just because He feels sorry for them (Exodus 2:24,25); His intention is to reveal Himself to the world through a people dedicated and committed to serving Him (Exodus 19:3-6). As part of this plan, He will give the Israelites a homeland – but they themselves will have to fight many battles in order to make that promise a reality.

And that is how God still works today. He calls people into His Kingdom through the preaching of the Gospel – a task delegated to the Church (Matthew 28:18-20)! And so Paul describes himself and his colleagues as “God’s fellow-workers.” (I Corinthians 3:9) The power comes not from ourselves but from the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8), but nothing will happen unless we play our own part by obeying His command.

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