The Pilgrims’ Guidebook: Looking ahead

I Peter 1:13

Since we have been given such a fantastic salvation, are we to just sit back and enjoy it? No! “You have a journey to go, a race to run, a warfare to accomplish, and a great work to do.” (Matthew Henry) Just as when driving a car, we need to look where we are going in order to stay on the road.  We are expecting to receive a wonderful inheritance, so we must start preparing ourselves for it now.

This preparation starts in the mind, because our thought patterns are by nature entangled in this world (Romans 12:2). Like athletes, we need to focus our minds on the finishing line so as to run our ‘race’ effectively. Vigilance and self-discipline should be our watchwords: we need to keep our minds alert (by not giving in to discouragement) and sober (free from intoxicating distractions) so that we can concentrate on Jesus and His coming Kingdom (Luke 12:35-37).

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