The Pilgrims’ Guidebook: The Cornerstone

I Peter 2:6-8

The cornerstone of a building was the very first stone to be laid, and was the key to the whole structure. The Cornerstone of God’s new Temple is Jesus (I Corinthians 3:11). The whole building depends on Him for support and unity – and this cornerstone will not prove faulty.

For God has promised in Scripture (Isaiah 28:16) that all those who put their faith in the Cornerstone of His true Temple will be safe for ever. For that reason, Jesus is for us the most important and valuable person in the world!

And yet not everyone shares our faith; for whenever the Gospel is preached, it divides those who hear it into believers and unbelievers (I Corinthians 1:23,24). It is not possible to be neutral. Strangely enough, it was the Jewish leaders, who should have recognised the Messiah they were expecting, who were most antagonistic towards Him. As Jesus Himself had foretold (Matthew 21:42-44), they rejected Him as worthless and put Him to death. But their unbelief did not frustrate God’s purpose at all. Despite (and even because of) the opposition of man, God’s purpose prevailed: Jesus endured rejection and humiliation, but was vindicated by the Resurrection. In rejecting God’s Cornerstone, the ‘builders’ had actually put it in place – because it was Jesus’ death that procured our salvation.

So now we are all faced with a choice: to accept Jesus (and become part of God’s Temple) or reject Him and suffer the consequences. For the same Christ who is the Saviour of those who believe will be the Judge of those who do not.

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