The greatest privilege of all

Psalm 5

“In the morning, LORD, You hear my voice;                                                                                 in the morning I lay my requests before You                                                                             and wait expectantly.” (verse 3)

For David, prayer was a priority – one of the first things that he did every morning. And he expected God to answer his prayers.

Does this seem at all strange to us? Prayer is something that we take for granted, something that many of us feel that we ‘ought’ to do, whether we really want to or not. Do we ever stop to wonder how amazing it is that a mere human being should be able to communicate with his or her Creator? It is one thing for us to speak to God – but why should He listen to us, let alone respond? There is such an enormous gulf between us. It is not just a matter of God being infinitely greater than we are; it is because He is a holy and righteous God (verse 4), and we are sinners. Pride, deceit and treachery rule out any kind of relationship with Him – which excludes 100 per cent of the human race.

“But I, by Your great love,                                                                                                              can come into Your house…” (verse 7)

David knew that he was unworthy of such a privilege. Nobody can enter God’s presence on their own merits; we are totally reliant on His grace, and on what Jesus has done for us. “For Christ suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God.” (I Peter 3:18)

The right to approach God in prayer is a precious privilege, and one that we should not abuse. So one of David’s daily prayers is for guidance and assistance – assistance to live a holy life, following God’s way (verse 8). For we live in a world that has rebelled against its Maker, and is continually trying to draw us away from Him. Like David, we need God’s favour and protection (verses 11,12). We depend on Him, all the time – and so for us prayer is not just a privilege but a necessity.

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