The Mary Diaries (part 2)

Dear God, my period’s late…

I don’t know why, but I wasn’t quite expecting this. I’d almost convinced myself that I’d imagined the whole thing.

But it’s happening already, and I don’t feel prepared, even though I said “Yes”… how can anyone refuse an honour from the Almighty Himself? But it seemed so simple and straightforward at the time. I didn’t really think through what it would mean. I’m not married yet… what will people say? What will Yosef say?

Who can I talk to? My mother? Anyone BUT my mother! She suspects that something’s up. I’ve been so distracted the last three weeks… I wish I’d told her at the time. She wouldn’t have believed me, but she’s even less likely to believe me now… She would think I was making the whole story up, to cover up my shame. Who, then? Tell me, God!

Aunt Elizabeth…

Is that why he mentioned her?

I can think up an excuse to go and visit her. Then I’ll know for certain, one way or the other. If she really is pregnant after all this time, then it’s all true… and she will know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a miracle. She will understand…

to be continued…

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