The Mary Diaries (part 6)

I used to think I was such a good mother…

My grandmother always said that time changes everything – if only you can wait long enough. And when we did eventually get back to Nazareth, with an adorable three-year-old and another baby on the way, most of the whispering over my untimely pregnancy had died down and we were able to settle into a normal life. It helped that Yeshua takes after me; it would be awful if people were being continually reminded about his dubious parentage.

There’s another thing about Yeshua – he’s so sweet-natured, everyone just loves him. He’s eager to please and we’ve never had any trouble with him, not a single tantrum. (And it reflected so well on me, of course, as his mother!) But then Yakob came along…

I know they say that every child is different, but I couldn’t imagine just how different two boys could be. Yeshua’s such a nice, well-behaved lad. He sometimes misunderstands or makes mistakes, but I can’t remember him ever being deliberately naughty. Yakob seems to take delight in being as naughty as he possibly can – and then trying to put the blame onto his older brother! And that might be my fault… I lost my temper one day and shouted, “Why can’t you be like Yeshua?”

But Yakob can’t be like Yeshua. Every day we get more and more like any other family… I was starting to forget that Yeshua is fundamentally different from the rest of us, that he’s the son of God (whatever that means). But now and then people comment about his unusually good behaviour, and I realise there’s definitely something unnatural about it. What’s going to happen when he grows up? Will it always be like this? Will other people resent him? Will he be made to take the blame then for things he hasn’t done?

to be continued…

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