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Jesus: King and Judge (part 2)

Matthew 3:1-12 Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 11:1-7) sounded pretty fabulous, didn’t it, if not mind-blowing! That’s what we all want the world to be like; but we can’t have peace just on its own, without justice and truth. Which is why … Continue reading

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Pilgrims’ Progress: Leadership again

Numbers 16 & 17 During the long years of aimless wandering, it is hardly surprising that some of the Israelites become frustrated and resentful. A group of high-ranking men, led by Korah, misunderstand God’s insistence on holiness for everyone and … Continue reading

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Jesus: King and Judge (Part 1)

Isaiah 11:1-7 Elections are a vitally important part of modern democracy, and it is indeed a privilege to be allowed to choose your leader. But sometimes politics presents you with very difficult choices. What do you do if all the … Continue reading

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Near disaster

Psalm 30 This psalm could well have been first sung at the dedication of Araunah’s threshing-floor as the site for the future Temple (I Chronicles 21:28-22:1). David has been through a deep personal and national crisis: the plague that has … Continue reading

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Our Passover Lamb

I Corinthians 5:6-8 Paul had received news from Corinth that shocked him: the church was condoning sexual immorality of a particularly offensive kind. In rebuking them, why did he make this reference to the Passover? The first Passover (Exodus 12) … Continue reading

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Pilgrims’ Progress: Giving up

Numbers 13 & 14 After just a few weeks on the march, Israel reach the oasis of Kadesh-Barnea, on the border of Canaan, and are within sight of their destination! However, none of them know anything about Canaan; not even … Continue reading

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The Narrow Way: Isaac and Ishmael

Galatians 4:21-31 Paul attacks the legalists on their own ground, in order to prove that their position is illogical. For the Law includes Genesis, and the story of Abraham’s family. It isn’t enough to call yourself a son of Abraham, … Continue reading

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