About Me

My caricature 2014

Hello there.

‘Deborah’ is my Internet name, after the prophetess Deborah in the book of Judges.

In ‘real’ life, I am a retired doctor now living in Swansea, Wales. I have been a Christian for over 40 years, and am an avid reader of the Bible. I just want to share with you the things that I have learned.

I would also like to recommend a number of books and websites that I have found helpful to me:

Knowing God (J I Packer)

The cost of discipleship (Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

Virtue Reborn (Tom Wright)

and just about anything by John Stott and C S Lewis.

The Theology Network

The Gospel Coalition

Kingdom people

Think theology


3 Responses to About Me

  1. Donald Ashford says:

    Deborah, I enjoy reading your writings. Our WWCO has been shut down and I have lost a lot of friends. I can still read your writings on here and enjoy knowing you.

    grandma dolittle


  2. Deborah says:

    Hi Grandma, nice to see you here!


  3. Michael Bentley says:

    Excellent biblically material which is always strengthening for our spiritual welfare. Thank you for posting them.


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