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Jonah: a peculiar prophet

The first question that most people ask about the book of Jonah is: Can it really be a true story? This isn’t such an easy question to answer; not everything recorded in the Bible is true in the sense that … Continue reading

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Biblical economics

Whenever the Archbishop of Canterbury makes a political statement, journalists and professional politicians (with some justification) criticise him for overstepping the boundaries of his competence. Unfortunately, some of them will then start telling him how he should be interpreting the … Continue reading

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Link of the Month: The Old Testament

How well do you know the Old Testament? If you’re very familiar with it, then you’re in the minority. Bearing in mind that it’s much longer than the New Testament, sermons based on Old Testament passages are disproportionately rare (and … Continue reading

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Link of the month: Why don’t young people read the Bible?

It’s always been difficult to read the Bible – to read it seriously, that is, as opposed to ‘dipping in’ to it when we need encouragement, or are looking for guidance in a specific situation. The irony is, that we … Continue reading

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If there’s no archaeological evidence…

One of the many objections raised against Christianity is the absence of any archaeological evidence for some of the key events described in the Bible – in particular, the Exodus from Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, and the … Continue reading

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The first chapter of Joshua begins with the death of Moses. And Moses is going to be a very hard act to follow: he led the nation of Israel for forty years, out of Egypt and through the wilderness, and … Continue reading

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Why it’s a good idea to read the Bible every day

When I became a Christian, I was told that I ought to have a ‘Quiet Time’ every day – preferably first thing in the morning – when I should spend time reading the Bible and praying to God. I sometimes … Continue reading

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