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Everything in our power?

After dragging on for months, the incredibly sad story of little Charlie Gard finally reached its inevitable conclusion two weeks ago. One can only feel desperately sorry for both him and his parents. What loving parent would not do everything … Continue reading

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Staying alive

The will to live is incredibly strong. ‘While there’s life, there’s hope,’ we say. Perhaps this is why so many people with terminal cancer insist on having further treatment rather than accepting supportive, palliative care – even though the cost … Continue reading

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Christianity at work

The recent judgement in the European Court of Human Rights is supposed to settle what Christians can and can’t do in their places of work. The four cases under consideration illustrated two distinct issues. Two women had been forbidden to … Continue reading

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Watching the Olympics

I’m not normally a great fan of sport, but I’ve been watching the London Olympic Games as much as I can. They teach us so much about how to live the Christian life, as we read in the New Testament: … Continue reading

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