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A leper meets Jesus

Mark 1:40-45 Leprosy is like a death sentence, without the actual death. People believe it to be some kind of divine punishment. A leper is an outcast from normal society, shunned by all whom he approaches (because the ‘uncleanness’ associated … Continue reading

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No guarantees

Cancer is a diagnosis that you can never put behind you… By the very nature of the disease, the persistence of just one cancer cell after treatment means that it will eventually come back. And even a thousand cancer cells … Continue reading

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The normal Christian life (part 2)

Mark 8:27-9:29 (read part 1 here) So should the normal Christian life be a never-ending victory parade? It looks as though it ought to be, but I’ve found three reasons in this section of Mark’s gospel why it isn’t. Mark … Continue reading

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Pilgrims’ Progress: Grumbling

Numbers 21:4-9 Now the Israelites are in the final stage of their prolonged journey. But it must seem to them as though they are never going to reach their destination! Within weeks, discouraged by the unusually arid terrain they are … Continue reading

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Siren voices

One of the more positive aspects of admitting that you have some form of cancer is how friends rally round to support you and pray for you. So many have encouraging things to say, such as anecdotes of long-term survival. … Continue reading

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The gifts of the Spirit: healing and other miracles

When people talk about spiritual gifts, these are the ones we immediately think of – even though they are not the commonest nor even necessarily the most important. There are indeed gifts of healing and other miracles (including exorcisms), and … Continue reading

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The gifts of the Spirit: the gift of faith

This is not to be confused with the faith in Jesus by which we are saved. The gift of faith is an inspired confidence that God will act in a particular way at a particular time (e.g. to heal), leading … Continue reading

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