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A Biblical Journey through Jordan (5)

Amman (II Samuel 11:1) The modern capital of Jordan is built on an ancient site. In Biblical times it was known as ‘Rabbah of the Ammonites’ – and the Ammonites were a nation often at war with Israel. It was … Continue reading

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Everything in our power?

After dragging on for months, the incredibly sad story of little Charlie Gard finally reached its inevitable conclusion two weeks ago. One can only feel desperately sorry for both him and his parents. What loving parent would not do everything … Continue reading

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The hair on our heads is a strange part of our anatomy: virtually irrelevant to the body’s functioning, but carrying huge social significance. As one of the few bits of us that can be displayed in public, how much we … Continue reading

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The Rebellion

Psalm 3 “Absalom stole the hearts of the people of Israel…” (II Samuel 15:6) David is suddenly confronted with treachery, not from some of his courtiers and subjects but from his very own son Absalom (II Samuel 15:1-14). The rebel … Continue reading

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II Samuel 8:14 “The LORD gave David victory wherever he went” Reading through I & II Samuel, it is obvious that David was not only a very able soldier himself, but he also had under him a highly skilled and … Continue reading

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Let’s celebrate!

Some thoughts on the why and how of worship Exodus 15:1-21 Picture the scene: the Israelites have just escaped miraculously through the Red Sea and seen the Egyptian army drowned behind them. Only a few hours earlier they had been … Continue reading

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