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How not to act like a king

I Kings 21 There was nothing unreasonable about King Ahab’s desire; he simply wanted to extend his landholding by purchasing the vineyard next-door, and he made the owner a very generous offer. But Naboth was a traditionalist (and a devout … Continue reading

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Jesus: King and Judge (part 2)

Matthew 3:1-12 Isaiah’s prophecy (Isaiah 11:1-7) sounded pretty fabulous, didn’t it, if not mind-blowing! That’s what we all want the world to be like; but we can’t have peace just on its own, without justice and truth. Which is why … Continue reading

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Love hurts: How hard it is for the rich…

Hosea 10:1-8 God had blessed Israel and made her prosperous. But as she became wealthier, she cared less and less for the God to whom she owed everything. And God had known that this would happen (Deuteronomy 32:15,16). The people … Continue reading

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Festival Time: The Day of Atonement

The Day of Atonement was the most solemn day of the whole Jewish year. It was a day of mourning and fasting and other forms of self-denial, as the people reminded themselves of their inherent sinfulness, and of their perpetual … Continue reading

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Love hurts: When God is mocked

Hosea 5:1-12 Mocking God (verses 1-7) Did the people think that they could deceive God with their ‘religious’ services? He was well aware of what was going on! Sin is not something that we can safely dabble in; it is … Continue reading

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The Pilgrims’ Guidebook: The coming judgement

I Peter 4:5-9 When ridiculed for taking sin so seriously, we need to remind ourselves just how serious a matter it is. The judgement of God awaits every single individual on this planet; and death is no escape. And we … Continue reading

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The day of reckoning

                              We believe in Jesus Christ…                                           … Continue reading

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